Call for nominations – EFTF Awards 2024

The EFTF Awards recognize outstanding contribution in the field of Time and Frequency, in three categories:

European Frequency and Time Award

The award, which is open to anyone working in the fields traditionally associated with the European Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF), recognizes outstanding contributions in all fields covered by the EFTF either for fundamental advances or important applications. The significance of contributions includes the degree of initiative and creativity, the quality of work, the degree of success obtained as well as the worldwide scientific impact on the Time and Frequency Community. The European Frequency and Time Award has been awarded since 1993 first biannually, from 2005 annually.

EFTF Young Scientist Award

The EFTF Young Scientist Award is conferred in recognition of a personal contribution that demonstrated a high degree of initiative and creativity and lead to already established or easily foreseeable outstanding advances in the field of time and frequency metrology. The award honors a person under the age of 40 at the date of the opening session of the conference. The goal is to encourage scientific endeavor and competition and to help young scientists along their career paths.

Marcel Ecabert Award

The Marcel Ecabert Award of the EFTF honors the excellent achievements of the recipient (life time award) or an institution in the field of time and frequency. It is named after the late Marcel Ecabert, founding member of the EFTF and member of its Executive Committee.

Conditions and Nomination Procedure

Prize winners are selected by the EFTF Executive Committee members. Prizes will be presented at the Conference.

A recipient can only receive each award once. Past recipients of the Awards are presented on: Present members of the Executive Committee cannot be nominated to the EFTF or the Marcel Ecabert awards

Nominations for the EFTF Awards 2024 shall be sent to the EFTF Award Chair (

Nomination deadline: 18 February 2024.   Extended: February 25, 2024.

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